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Russia is one of the countries that has the widest size in the world, so it’s no wonder there are so many natural attractions in Russia that are very beautiful and obligatory to visit. Want to know what tourist attractions in Russia must be visited? Read more below.

1. Kamchatka

The Kamchatka Peninsula is one of the most interesting and unique tourist attractions in Russia for you to visit. Until now there are many versions of the origin of the name Kamchatka. From around 20 versions of origin, there is one of the most trusted versions which states that the name comes from the name of the river that flows through its territory.

In addition, the main attraction of tourist attractions in Russia is the existence of volcanoes. There are at least 300 volcanoes and up to now, there are approximately 30 volcanoes that are still active.

2. Volga River and Lena River

For those of you who like challenging sports and recreation, the Volga River and the Lena River are tourist attractions in Russia that are suitable for you because besides being able to play kayaking, this tourist spot is also equipped with unparalleled natural beauty. The Volga River is in an area close to the small settlement of Volgoverkhovy, while the Lena River is a river that originates from the Baikal mountain slopes.

In this area, there are also many bends and mountains that are split in two by rivers. This is the main attraction of tourist attractions in Russia this one so many tourists who want to visit. The Volga River is also touted as one of the largest rivers in Russia, while the Lena River is one of the rivers with the most rapid flow of water in the world.

3. Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains have long been the only link between Siberia and Mongolia. Because it is a connecting place for 2 regions, many mention their names as Altai.

Some experts also found a lot of evidence of the lives of ancient people who had lived here. Some relics found include stone statues, paintings, and many others. One of the most famous places in the region is known as Ulalinskaya which is at least inhabited by ancient people 1.5 million years ago.

4. Red Square

Red Square is one of the most interesting and famous tourist attractions in Russia. Located in the Russian capital, Moscow, this area is a tourist attraction in Russia, which is most visited by tourists from all over the world. This area is also one of the city centers which is always crowded. This is not only because this place is in Moscow, but because of the beautiful phenomenal buildings here.

In tourist attractions that are open to the public every day except for holidays and big events, you can spend a lot of time taking pictures because there are lots of interesting photo spots that you can use. Red Square itself since 1990 has become part of the World Cultural Heritage.

5. Hermitage Museum

One of the most magnificent museums in Russia and has a large collection of history about the Romanov Empire is the Hermitage Museum. The museum is decorated with gold-colored pillars was founded by Katherine in 1764.

When you enter this area, you will feel that you are in the Romanov Empire, because in this museum there are many historical collections, from the collection of paintings to the remains of the Romanov residence.

6. Lala Tulip Mosque

As the name implies, the Tulip Tulip Mosque is built with a dome that is almost similar to a tulip flower that is in the process of being enlarged. The third largest mosque in Russia has a building that is slightly similar to a famous building in Australia, namely the Sydney Opera House, coupled with an interior that is equipped with materials and goods of very high quality.

The atmosphere of tourist attractions in Russia this one is very cool and comfortable because of a number of trees overgrown so that it becomes beautiful and comfortable.

7. Moscow Kremlin Fortress

If you look at its history, this tourist spot in Russia was originally a defensive fortress that served to withstand the type of wartime enemy attacks. However, along with the times, Fort Kremlin which has 20 towers was eventually used as one of the centers of government and also became the office of the President of Russia.

Aside from being a government center, within the Kremlin complex, there are also many office buildings, cathedrals, to the Diamond Fund Exhibition which is a place to store diamonds of around 190 carats.

To reinforce its historical value, the Kremlin also has one of the warehouses which serves to store many types of heirlooms, clothing, and also horse carriages originating from the Russian Emperor.

8. Mount Elbrus

Maybe you have often heard of tourist attractions in Russia called Mount Elbrus? Located in the row of Caucasus, Southern Russia, this mountain has an altitude of approximately 5,642mdpl. This mountain is also included in the category of the highest peak mountain in the World. Therefore, if you have a hobby of hiking, Mount Elbrus is the right choice.

One of the people who has made it to the top of Mount Elbrus is Florence Crauford Grove, who was the first leader of the Mount Elbrus expedition in 1874. For this mountain climbing activity, it is recommended to be carried out together with people who are professionals because besides having steep paths, it often happens sudden extreme weather changes at the top of the mountain. The good news is that Mount Elbrus has been equipped with a cable car that will help the climbers rise to the top so that they can start climbing from an altitude of 3,800mdpl.

9. The Heart of Chechnya Mosque

Russia is a country that is very concerned with the culture of Islam. This is evidenced by the existence of The Heart of Chechnya Mosque (Heart of Chechnya) which is the largest mosque in Russia and is also considered one of the largest mosques in all of Europe. At the mosque which was inaugurated by Akhmad Kadyrovini, there are 4 towers which all have a height of 63 meters.

However, the main attraction of this mosque is its location on the beach. In addition, the unique attraction of tourist attractions in Russia is also in the interior because there are calligraphy writings written using gold ink.

10. St. Cathedral Sophia

Russia also has a very historic criterion which has now been converted into a religious museum and is known as the St.Sophia Cathedral. One of the uniqueness of this tourist spot in Russia is its interior architecture which combines Islamic culture in one corner of the room. Here you will also find a wall with the writings of God and the Prophet Muhammad.

In addition, the decoration of the very unique crystal chandelier and marble floors that are very well maintained also makes the building that has 3 luxurious gates look more elegant. Not only that, the cathedral also has a 125-foot dome and is considered one of the oldest churches in Russia.

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