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Who doesn’t want to vacation abroad? Almost everyone craves and wants to be able to vacation abroad, even if only in Asia. But, the problem with all of us is that the cost of flights is so expensive.

In addition to flight costs, the price of lodging and the budget you need is certainly very expensive. But, this time according to what was reported from 2018 it turns out that there are several airlines in the world that sell airline ticket prices abroad at cheap prices. for that, for those of you who want to take a vacation, you should check these 5 airlines first. You will be able to get the lowest price for airplane tickets so you can save your budget on a vacation trip

1. Air Asia

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Can not be denied anymore, this airline is indeed very familiar with the travelers in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Many backpackers often vacation using this one flight service. In addition to the ticket price which is quite cheap, the service is very good. Besides being cheap, Air Asia also often holds large-scale promos

2. Virgin America

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Entering second place, Virgin America is also one of the cheapest airlines in the world after Air Asia. During the past 2018, the airline has received the cheapest and best airline award in North America.

3. Norwegian Air Shuttle

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Not only Indonesia and America. Europe also has Norwegian Air Shuttle. Being on Fonebu, Oslo, the airline has served a lot of flight routes using Boeing 73 aircraft. Not only does it get the cheapest airline title, but the airline is also very well known for its friendly cabin crew.

4. Easy Jet

Still in Europe, although in the same country, of course, Easy Jet also doesn’t want to be outdone by competitiveness from Norwegian Air Shuttle. The airline which is in London, England, apparently also has served approximately 307 routes by connecting 80 major cities, for those of you who are looking for cheap flights to Europe, it seems that they can try to fly using East Jet.

5. Jetstar Airways

For those of you who are often on vacation, of course it’s no stranger to this one plane. Usually, Jetstar Airways often offers promo airplane ticket prices in Asia. But, who would have thought? If the airline that has a cage in Australia is actually the cheapest flight in the world

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