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aulia/ July 23, 2018/ Pets & Animals

Best Scuba Diving Sites in Phuket, Thailand

Scuba diving is a diving activity where one is supplied with oxygen by a breathing apparatus. The word Self-contained underwater breathing apparatus is shorted to scuba. The supply of oxygen comes from a compressed air container which is carried at the diver’s back. Scuba divers can do this for recreational or professional reasons. Some people who do scuba diving professionally are; rescuers, military, and scientists. This article is exclusively about recreational scuba diving. Thailand is a country which has many beautiful scuba diving sites. The following are the best scuba diving sites in Phuket, Thailand.

The Shark Point is one of the major Phuket scuba diving sites. The ominous name should not hinder you from scuba diving in the site. The sharks found in the Shark Point are harmless and you will be able to swim together with them. The people who have ever gone for scuba diving in Shark Point have fresh memories of how they swam with the sharks. Scuba diving in the shark point will enable you to view beautiful schools of tropical fish, coral of sand and limestone stalagmites. You will just travel a short distance from the Phuket … Read More