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Tried and Tested Tips to Help you Get Over Procrastination

Research shows at least 20 percent of the population today is procrastinators. This is someone that will keep on postponing something that needs to be done, well because they lack the motivation to do it. The good news is you don’t have to be stuck in the procrastinators club if you don’t want to, read more to learn better ways of handling your situation. Here are some strategies, tips, and tricks that you will learn to avoid procrastinating.

Start by having a clear definition of your goals for the day. With clearly written goals, you can always set achievable deadlines so you can meet the goals. If need be, you can set a reminder on your computer or mobile so you can keep checking to ensure you are working towards your goals. Actionable items and goals will definitely help you so you might want to divide your big tasks into small attainable and manageable items.

Have a list of priority so you can know how to manage your time around the tasks available. Starting with the most important task, which may be the hardest task for the day can act as motivation to keep going and accomplishing the remaining tasks on your priority list. You don’t want to feel like you are being pulled in so many different directions, now do you; so avoid multitasking under all costs.

Always keep a journal of activities for each particular day, especially if you feel like you cannot account for your time. Maintaining a journal ensures you can see what areas took so much of your time and what areas need to be improved. Have a reward system set up to help you celebrate the tiny wins along the way. By rewarding yourself doesn’t mean you buy yourself a car, any small reward that will elevate your spirit is good enough.

Distractions are detrimental to your success so you might want to avoid them under all costs. Most definitely that email or SMS that came through can wait a little bit until you finish the task at hand. When you are in the habit of stopping in between tasks, you may end up shoving them aside all the time. The best approach would be to plan your time such that you have breaks in between tasks. Taking a break also helps ensure you keep your mind focused and sharp to prevent boredom and fatigue. Always take only that which you can handle, the rest you can always ask for help, it is never a sign of weakness to delegate.


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