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The Merits of Sod Installation on Your Property.

If you want to uplift the look of your property and forget about the trouble bare ground gives you, you need sod. There are a lot of reasons why you should carry out such a project. You cannot compare sod with hydroseed or seed. Sod comes mature and developed to the extent that the property will have a lush green carpeting the moment it is laid down. If you decide to plant grass, it will take a lot of resources and time to care and nurture it until it reaches the level you want. You will have to give the grass a year to grow to the extent you were hoping for. Nobody likes trudging through the mud because it will eventually end up in the house. A mud predicament around the house can be dealt with immediately through sod installation. With a grass lawn, there will the probability of your pets or kids destroying it in the process of playing but this issue will be fixed if you get sod installed.

Washout happen easily when it rains on a grass lawn. The lawn might even be completely washed out especially if it was a storm. There will be no dealing with erosion issues or washouts when you have sod installed. You do not have to do a lot in maintaining sod because it is already a mature plan. The only time you have to care for sod is after installation but once it is well rooted, you do not have to do anything more. With the time you will save, you can handle other chores at home or even work on your career. When you have a grass lawn, changes in weather can leave it all damaged but this is not true with sod.

You will also save money with sod because you will not be buying fertilizer, herbicides or insecticides or even paying for lawn mowing. You should also be prepared to pay high water bills with a grass lawn because you have to water it during the dry season. Sod is better engineered genetically which means it looks much better than grass. If you want your property to have the best lawn in the region, it should be sod you install instead of planting grass given you will have results within weeks.

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