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The Solution to Certified Mail Inconveniences – Online Postage

While the use of the Internet for sending personal correspondence has been on the rise, when it comes to sending vital or sensitive documents, postal mail continues to be the best option because of the security it provides. Even then, you cannot your sensitive business documents to your mail carrier who would simply leave them inside the mailbox, especially during security-minded times like what we have today. Certified Mail service is available from the USPS to keep relevant mails secure at all times.

Whenever you go for certified mail, you are given evidence that something was received for mailing at a postal office. It also provides a number for tracking and confirmation of delivery online as well as verifying that the item was in fact delivered. An added service confirms delivery by sending back a signed receipt.

Then again, travelling to a post office in your area, fill out and affix the certified mail papers – if that post office does have them – is time consuming, labor-intensive, tiresome, and costly.

Besides, it is time your company manager can put to further productive use that the business can benefit from.

This is especially true for large-volume offices, such as law firms or medical practices, which need to distribute certified packets in high numbers each week. Attaching return receipts to every item can add time to the mailing process even more. But, the task does not end there. Next to that comes the huge task of records-keeping for every one of the distinctive tracking number.

Do you really have to deal with such hassle and inconvenience? You can simply leave the tedious work to an online postage software package. There are two user-friendly formats of the online postage service – the individual adhesive certified mail labels and another one that is added into handy “print at the same time” envelopes.

In either way, the software is going to conclude all the required information in just a single move as you make up your envelope, and then fix the label onto the envelope right away or, if it’s the integrate mailer you are using, print the particulars together with the postage. It’s that easy.

Additionally, the postage software does all the tracking by itself. Need to verify if the envelope has arrived at its location?

Then, simply proceed to the software’s record’s section and easily draw out that particular envelope. The information you are looking for is right on your PC or laptop screen.

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