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Most everybody knows in regards to the standard travel websites of Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, Travelocity and the like. There are a hundred miles of cycle tracks in the nationwide park and seven{4ec20a0f1974424d2dc89ab7aa76830aeed777d88fdc5123cdbf311a798d9e88} of the yearly guests come to.There are locations in the national park where you can do crew activities to gain other peoples trust and get alongside within an organization or college group and to study about the heritage of the park by individuals working in the tourism sites

Mission Beach外海有Wreck Alley沈船巷,是人造Diving潛水地,由The San Diego Dive Boat Operators和San Diego Oceans Foundation共同維護,在聖地牙哥Boat Dives搭船潛水,特點是海水溫暖,平均水溫約華氏70度,深度淺而舒適,有時伴隨海獅和海豹。Wreck Alley有沈沒的HMCS Yukon和HMCS Annapolis兩艘Destroyer驅逐艦、Ruby E.巡邏艦、El Rey海草收割船、NOSC Tower研究通信塔臺、P-38飛機等人為景點,生長高達二百英尺的Kelp Beds海草床、Ancient Sea Cliffs海中懸崖等自然景觀,魚群圍繞海葵點綴,California Spiny Lobster加州龍蝦潛伏。San Diego很多當地Scuba Diving水肺潛水行程,國際性Unified Group Diving潛水學習機構總部在San Diego。深潛Scuba Diving水肺潛水初級者通常要有教練陪伴,需要設備如氧氣筒等,需要考PADI Certification國際潛水執照,進階玩家可以在水下用矛槍狩獵。一般較簡單Snorkeling浮潛是在較淺海域,在水面幾公分下透過通氣管呼吸,沒有負重觀賞水面下景觀,參與者只需要能游泳即可。再稍遠從San Diego可以參加Tour搭船到墨西哥外海Los Coronado Islands島嶼潛水,可愛小海獅在身邊游來游去,行船途中可能遇到海豚,近距離圍著船游,或墨西哥Midriff Islands的Bahia de Los Angeles,可以與不會傷人的Whale Shark鯨鯊共游。travel sites

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