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Anybody aware of this information that Dubai and United Arab Emirates are becoming popular and famous day by day and there are so many reasons behind it like the world’s tallest building are being built there are so many such amazing and wonderful places to visit that are attraction of tourist and peoples all the time and all the season.

The perfect plan to spend your quality time

If you are planning a trip to Desert safari Dubai then you will have such an amazing experience and you will enjoy studies and luxurious life for some time in a royal mode provide sightseeing trip to desert safari Dubai in low prices along with so many facilities which includes all the famous and wedding destinations of Dubai Jumeirah Mosque Jumeirah Beach Hotel Dubai Museum Atlantis Burj Khalifa Burj Al Arab hotel Palm Jumeirah etc.

Jumeirah mosque

The most demanded and enjoyable thing in your trip to Dubai is Jumeirah Mosque which is considered as the world largest Mosque and it is open for all kinds of religion means if anybody want to explore Islam or want to know about our culture they can easily come in over Masjid and mosque but it has timing for to understand people who want to visit there and still it is under construction.

Dubai museum the cultural informer of old peoples

Then another historical place to visit in your trip to Dubai is Dubai Museum which is considered as the most ancient part of by which displays all kinds of paintings ornaments equipment that were used by the old peoples of the back to portray tourists and peoples about their Civilization and lifestyle.

Aqua venture Dubai water park Atlantis

The next amazing and beautiful destination to visit in your trip to Dubai is Atlantis with is the most famous worldwide basically it is the aqua venture Waterpark which is failed in a very different and beautiful way you can do all kind of fun and entertainment stuff there they have underwater restaurant hotels bars also they have some balconies so you can enjoy your lunch breakfast or dinner there along with the wonderful and beautiful sight of water and one more amazing thing about Atlantis is that they have free ticket for the entry for everyone.

Dubai creek tower

Then the next amazing and beautiful destination to visit Dubai is basically Dubai Creek which is considered to be the world’s largest building even larger than Burj Khalifa which is still under construction it is very stylish and it will be completed in 2020 the architecture of the building declared that it will have almost 20 hour flowers with residential sector along with restaurants hotels and one more interesting and unique thing about Dubai Creek Tower is that they will have moving balconies which will rotate in 360 degree manner residential of the Dubai Creek Tower will enjoy the whole view of the city from their balcony.

Jumeirah beach the white sand beach

The next beautiful destination to visit in your trip to Dubai is Jumeirah Beach which is the public beach made up of white sand and it has clean and neat water where you can enjoy and relax yourself understand and also you can make a group of friends or take your friends to jumeirah beach to enjoy more mostly people like to visit the Burj Al Arab Hotel beaches but if you are not a guest of the hotel you can come to Jumeirah Beach and enjoy your trip to Dubai.

Burj khalifa building

Another iconic and stylish place to visit in your trip to Dubai is Burj Khalifa building which has almost 555 M long and it is known as the world most stylish and luxurious building ever it has luxurious apartments in It movie theatres 5 star hotels areas for children and everything basically you can say that it is a small city in its own self millions of people citizens to erase come from many far places to look New Year night celebration at Burj Khalifa building which is very demanded and famous all over the world. provide all kinds of facilities in your trip to Dubai along with a professional experience guide every time with you to guide you and to give your knowledge about every places that you are going to visit pick and drop service at your doorstep I take your free time in will be provided by our company if you are interested in your trip to Dubai by then you can visit our website

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